Models FDFV Double Leaf Domed Fire Vent

Provide JL Industries Model FDFV double leaf domed fire vents, tested and approved by Factory Mutual Research Corp. The vents are equipped with a UL listed 165ºF fusible link for automatic operation. Torsion spring drives open the covers
automatically. Shock absorbers control the speed of the leaves as they open. The automatic device can be quickly and easily reset and a new link inserted. Pull handles are provided for exterior or interior manual operation. 

Domed fire vents have a 14 gauge galvanized steel curb and curb frame fully welded and ground smooth, gasketed and insulated for weather tightness. Covers are 11 gauge aluminum, assembled with heavy gauge aluminum 3¼16" pivot hinges.

The dome frame is a minimum thickness of 0.072" aluminum and provides a self-contained sloping condensation and weepage gutter for drainage. Each leaf shall consist of a one-piece acrylic dome (either white translucent or clear). The dome retaining frame is secured to the curb frame. Lids, curb and dome frame are fully welded and ground smooth for weather tightness. Factory applied primer paint.
Fire vents are available upon request with higher temperature UL listed fusible links.

Model Clearing Opening
FDFV-1 48" x 48"
FDFV-2 48" x 72"
FDFV-3 48" x 90"
FDFV-4 48" x 96"
FDFV-5 60" x 60"
FDFV-6 60" x 96"
FDFV-7 72" x 72"
NOTE: Custom sizes available upon request.


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